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Alberto Corda.....Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez, better known as Alberto Korda or simply Korda (September 14, 1928 in Havana, Cuba - May 25, 2001 in Paris) was a Cuban photographer, remembered for his famous image Guerrillero Heroico of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. Korda disliked artificial lighting he said it was "a travesty of reality" The Cuban Revolution was the turning point in Korda's career. After the revolution, Korda became Fidel Castro's personal photographer for 10 years.

Édouard Boubat, Self-portrait with Grandson Remi, Paris 1996. Édouard Boubat (born 13 September 1923 Montmartre, Paris – died 30 June 1999 (aged 75) Paris) was a French photojournalist and art photographer. He took his first photograph after the war in 1946 and was awarded the Kodak Prize the following year. His son Bernard Boubat is also a photographer.

André Kertész ( 2 July 1894 Budapest, – 28 September 1985 (aged 91) New York), born Kertész Andor,was a Hungarian-born photographer known for his groundbreaking contributions to photographic composition and the photo essay. In the early years of his career, his then-unorthodox camera angles and style prevented his work from gaining wider recognition. Kertész never felt that he had gained the worldwide recognition he deserved. Today he is considered one of the seminal figures of…

Alberto Díaz “Korda” Gutiérrez

Baron Adolph de Meyer ; Self Portrait (born 1 September 1868 September 1, 1868 Paris - died January 6, 1946 (aged 77) Los Angeles was a photographer famed for his elegant photographic portraits in the early 20th century, many of which depicted celebrities.He was also the first official fashion photographer for the American magazine Vogue, appointed to that position in 1913.From 1898 to 1913 de Meyer lived in London.On the eve of World War II in 1938, de Meyer returned to the United…

Gisèle Freund self-portrait in Paris, 1934. Gisèle or Gisela Freund (born November 19, 1908 Schöneberg District, Berlin – died March 31, 2000, Paris) was a German-born French photographer and photojournalist, famous for her documentary photography and portraits of writers and artists.In 1977, she became President of the French Association of Photographers

Margaret Bourke-White ,self portrait, 1931. (born Margaret White , June 14, 1904 The Bronx, – died August 27, 1971 (aged 67) Stamford, Connecticut ,of Parkinson's disease) was an American photographer and documentary photographer. She is best known as the first foreign photographer permitted to take pictures of Soviet industry, the first American female war photojournalist, and the first female photographer for Henry Luce's Life magazine, where her photograph appeared on the first cover.

Che Guevara Ernesto “Che” Guevara Havannassa at the La Coubre Memorial Service in 1960. Che traveled around Latin America as a young medical student and came to the conclusion that the only solution for the poverty that he saw was world revolution. He was instrumental in Castro’s takeover of Cuba and was later assassinated by Bolivian forces who were assisted by the CIA. Date: 1960. Photographer: Alberto Korda.

Photos of Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir Hanging with Che Guevara in Cuba (1960)

Jean Paul Sartre and Che Guevara, 1960. Ph. Alberto Korda

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