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bbebee: あにまん! : 【ガールズ&パンツァー】ダージリンにニャンコも興味津々【画像あり】

17 Cats Really Loving The Cat Nip

猫はそれがラフ持っており、いくつかの日、彼らは単にエッジを脱ぐために少しニップを必要としています。 | 17 Cats Really Loving The Cat Nip

Matthew would not see the humor in this, I on the other hand.... would laugh my butt off.

what a cute couple

Attack Of The Funny Cats: I don't always chew on plastic bags but when I do I make sure the bag is in your bedroom and you're sleeping

Your evidence is circumstantial

Definitely our cats.

My cat does this all the time.

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Can spot a bird from across the yard. Can't find the piece of meat you dropped unless you point it out 10 times.