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スタイリッシュ富士山!ペーパーナプキンが雪化粧になるペーパーホルダー | STYLE4 Design

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The neutral wood cup of Akida, Japan. Use Japanese cedar to make accessory is a transitional skill started from Edo period. 秋田県大館市の工芸品、曲げわっぱ。天然秋田杉の薄板を曲げて作られる円筒形の木製の箱は江戸時代から受け継がれる伝統の技で、最近は日本だけでなく海外からも[WAPPA]と呼ばれ、高い評価を得ています。今なお色褪せることなく、世界で脚光を浴びる曲げわっぱの魅力をご紹介します。


東京・国立の小さな〈つくし文具店〉が10周年を迎えます。 |


気取らないかっこよさ。みんながくつろげる「ヴィンテージスタイル」を作るポイントって? | キナリノ

"Sectional Furniture" – an innovative work designed by Shin Yamashita, a Japanese inventor. The furniture is quite similar to mat which is able to be folded to become a table or backrest as you want. It is such unique and different furniture! If you have awesome ideas, come and talk to us! With our experience and expertise team, we can make your ideas come true! ‪#‎PractikaFuelingDesignsAlive‬


anyone know where this is or the designer so I can link to it?

Land Peel - this is awesome