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Egyptian large bronze cat the embodiment of the goddess Bastet

Statue of the cat goddess, Egypt 664-332 BC Musée du Louvre.

Marble stele (grave marker) of a youth and little girl with capital and finial in the form of a sphinx. Greek, Attic, Archaic, ca. 530 BC.

Cat with Kittens (detail). Reportedly from Saqqara, Egypt. Late Period to Ptolemaic Period, Dynasty 26 or later, circa 664–30 B.C.E. Bronze, solid-cast and wood, 2⅜ x 3-7/16 x 1-15/16 in. (6.1 x 8.8 x 5 cm). Brooklyn Museum

Cat sculptures - Tama Art University school festival, Japan

Bronze statue of a cat - Egypt, 664-525 BC

Japanese sleeping cat ceramic sculpture

"A depiction of the Egyptian goddess Bast in her full cat form. A national deity of ancient Egypt, Bast was a kind and loving goddess, protecting man from contagious disease and evil spirits. Her festivals were light hearted and full of joy. This statue is made of cold cast resin and hand painted"

Jomon goddess figure (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BC to about 300 BC)

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