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一匹の野良猫をきっかけに「猫寺」になったお寺!その日常に心が温まる – grape [グレープ] – 心に響く動画メディア

動画は「YouTube」より 前代未聞、鮮やかな緑色の毛を持つネコが発見されたとして海外メディアが沸いている。英紙「The Daily Mail」が今月4日に報じたところによると、この衝撃的な毛色のネコはブルガリア北東部、黒海に面したリゾート地であるヴァルナという街に出現した。 ネコを発見した街…


愛があれば人目なんて。 ダンディな犬とベタボレの猫の甘いひとときを覗き見 – grape -「心」に響く動画メディア

Maow the Temple Cat by Roy Cavanagh. This little Siamese cat was perched on a stone pedestal at an old temple in Chiang Mai when I took this photo. Stray cats and dogs often find their way to temples where Buddhist monks will feed them and this cat certainly looked well-cared for and content. In Thai the word for cat, ‘maow’, is quite logically named after the sound it makes. Maow, or even the Anglicized version, ‘Cat’, is also commonly used for people as a Thai nickname.

If this isn't happiness I dont know what is..

I was photographing at a Buddhist monastery in Myanmar where young boys train to become monks. Most of the boys were running around, doing chores or pointing at my camera. I saw this young boy standing in an open window holding a cat as if it were a baby. I was so struck by his calm demeanor and self-contained expression and so I made this portrait of him.

Buddha cat at temple in Bangkok - by Louie Psihoyos (

Black Cat with Buddha