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Fox Shrine Maiden [Original]

neko girl

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穴場 もう桜散ってますね・・・。たくさんのコメントありがとうございます!

短剣 武器 - Google 検索


桃色虹画像 -二次元萌え画像エロ画像まとめ- -

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Rp? I'm her be any gender )) "Don't fret friend," I smile at my companion. "With my keen eyes, night vision and fangs I can handle myself just as well as you." You smile back at me. "Well," you tilt your head, resting your sword in its sheath. "You don't have any weapons. All you can do is run." "Hmph," my ears lower and I frown. "Then, should we come into any danger, run I shall."