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Using Negative Space in Photography

It shows aperture because at some aperture's some things are in focus and some aren't

Which Camera Lens is Right For You?

Ask yourself these questions before you buy any new lens, to make sure you buy the right lens for YOU.

Seven Ways to Create Simpler Photos

How to Create a Dynamic Zoom Burst Photograph

Follow these simple steps to create a dynamic zoom burst photograph in an urban setting, combining light streaks and cityscape. Tries to Predict When The Sunsets Will Be Good For Photography

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Why Shoot in Aperture Priority Mode

Guide to photographing in aperture priority mode

How to Photograph the Milky Way

If you live in a remote area with dark skies, you are one of the lucky ones; the lucky ones that get to look up on a clear dark night and see a thick band

Using Negative Space

How to use Negative Space with lots of examples! By Live Snap Love with Audrey Ann

Photography tips for beginners by Rose Brown