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Siphonophores: the longest animals on the planet – in pictures

Physalia the “Portuguese man of war”. Photograph: C Dunn/Brown University

A deep-sea chimaera—a cartilaginous fish related to sharks—seen by the Little Hercules in the Sulawesi Sea. Its snout is covered with tiny pores capable of detecting perturbations in electrical fields generated by living organisms. Image courtesy of NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program.

【閲覧注意】珍しい生き物の画像が集まるスレ : まとめでぃあ

Seahorse Unicorn X-Ray by extramatic, via Flickr

Napoleon Wrasse--One of the largest reef fishes in the world and the the largest of the Wrasse family. Napoleon wrasse are one of the few predators of toxic animals such as sea hares, boxfish and crown-of-thorns starfish, and are therefore an important part of the marine food chain in maintaining a balanced and healthy coral reef.

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Otters know they're cool

Jelly fish are strange, with 90% of their body water they don't have a brain, all jelly fish have a squishy hemisphere for a head and deadly stingers that are directly below the head. The stingers kill fish, some jelly fish can kill or wound a human.