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US navy personell examining the aircraft hanger on a captured Sen Toku I-400 class submarine.

I-400 class submarines of the Imperial Navy started to be built in 1942,

伊号第五十三潜水艦 1946年4月1日 爆破処分前 Japanese submarine I-58

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World War II Japanese mega-submarine discovered off Hawaii

Back in World War 2, the I-400, a class “Sen-Toku” Japanese submarine - one of the largest ever built before nuclear powered submarines- , was sunk by the US Navy. And recently, a team of explorers has found it off the coast of Hawaii. Though while they knew it would be in the relative area, they didn’t expect it to be in such close proximity to the island.

The Sen Toku-class I-401 (伊四百型潜水艦) was once the largest submarine in the world. It was commanded by Lieutenant Commander Nobukiyo Nambu of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. Capable of carrying three two-seat Aichi M6A1 "Seiran" (Mountain Haze) float torpedo bombers, the Sen Tokus were built to launch a surprise air strike against the Panama Canal.

SUB ~ USS Kete (SS-369) ~ BFD

伊号第五十三潜水艦 1946年4月1日 爆破処分前 Japanese submarine I-58

submarine interior | Submarine interior

伊号第五十三潜水艦 1946年4月1日 爆破処分前 Japanese submarine I-58

German Submarines did not serve too much of a purpose for the war but were there to piss off everyone because they blew up everything passing them. Us used bombs to make submarines exit.