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*Turns around* Oh... my apologies. I wasn't aware of your presence. Hello, my name is Shemi. It's nice to meet you. *Takes off mask* I am the guardian of the four realms. The demon world, the spirit world, the human world, and the inbetween. Yes, I am a little young, truth is I'm 16, but don't let that fool you. I can bring down a world single handedly.

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Anime girl. Kimono girl.

H..-hi..I'm Kohaku Mishimi..I as a well I guess people occasionally say famous chef at a little cafe..but I'm 16 and I love reading,watching YouTube,and sometimes I like going to the Skating's fun but also I go to S.C school..were I usually don't have any friends..


Love Live School Idol Project "It's really beautiful and their voice too... I like there songs and dances I sometimes do their moves but sometimes I don't......

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