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They both looked shocked at meeting each other. Maybe they went up into the mountain to alone and then found each other.

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Hiccup & Elsa (Hiccelsa) Frozen Dragon


Let It GO! BOOM! more funny pics on facebook:

This is supposedly jelsa but I think it works Hiccelsa

ALLLLRIGHTY, I gave a quick swing at Briar (Hiccup & Elsa’s son) and Aleen (Jack & Merida’s daughter) together. Aleen is my bud’s, Secretsivekept OC so, I gave her a try! :D (Hope I did okay, Tess XD, I sorta winged her wardrobe…)Now, it was my first try, so I was mostly testing the waters XD still working on perfecting them.Hope you guys like it!

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The look on her face plainly says "Please just let me be, I don't want to hurt anyone else. I want to be alone forever." I feel so sorry for her hard struggles.