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In September 1940, four boys and a dog set out on an adventure in Dordogne, France. Robot the dog ran ahead and stopped at an overgrown depression. When the boys decided to explore the hole, they slid into a deep underground chamber where they discovered the most famous cave paintings in the world- the Lascaux Cave Paintings. In this photo, Robot the dog with two of the four cave's discoverers.

Harriet Tubman became famous as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad during the turbulent 1850s. Born a slave on Maryland's eastern shore, she endured the harsh existence of a field hand, including brutal beatings. In 1849 she fled slavery, despite a bounty on her head, she returned to the South at least 19 times to lead her family & hundreds of other slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Tubman also served as a scout, spy and nurse during the Civil War. #tubman

Robert McGee. 1890. Scalped by the Sioux as a child and survived. WOW!

An Inuk girl with her husky puppy in the hood of her amatiuq circa 1920. Mothers would also carry their infants in the same manner. This little girl is playing mommy and baby with her puppy.

Awe..not looking too happy~

Allie and Adam Holloway

Just strollin’ with some penguins in 1937…

Bamiyan, Afghanistan. The Taliban is responsible for the destruction of these 6th century statues in 2010. They were considered an un-Islamic human form.

This is the youngest soldier in World War I. Momčilo Gavrić lived in Serbia at the outbreak of the war. In 1916, Austro-Hungarian soldiers killed his father, mother, grandmother, his three sisters, and four of his brothers. After hearing what had happened, the major accepted Momčilo into the unit and assigned him to a soldier. That night, Momčilo showed the major where the Austro-Hungarian soldiers were and helped bombard them. At ten, he was promoted to Corporal and at eleven to Lance…

World’s Columbian Exposition: Ferris Wheel, Chicago, United States, 1893.