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Vintage Watch Dial Steampunk Necklace

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Steampunk Necklaces

Steampunk is a concept that is quite difficult to define but the idea of it mostly boils down to a backdrop of Victorian Era inspired themes which affects aesthetics with a touch of modernized imagine

Artist Sue Beatrice. Pocket watch art, steam punk, jewelry pendant

pocket watch full of awesomeness. I do love steampunk.

Crystaline : Steampunk Fashion Archives

Steampunk ear gear - Pendulum - Steampunk Earrings - Repurposed art

スチームパンクジャンク,スチームパンクのアクセサリー,再利用芸術,リサイクルヴィンテージ,最後の,ドアジュエリー,Steampunk Tats,Steampunk Jewlery,Steampunk Designs


Steampunk Pendant - Cultivated Beauty - Steampunk watch parts Necklace- Repurposed art

美容スチームパンク,狡猾なスチームパンク,Steampunk Variey,Grunge Steampunk,Steampunk Treasures,Steampunk Jewlery,Steampunk Board,Steampunk Designs,Steampunk Pendant

Steampunk ♥ Love

Antique Brass Gold Body Chain Shoulder Harness

chain shoulder harness Bigger the chain, cooler it seems. -Hannah