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Plum Buckle with Pecan Topping

Yummmmデザート,神のデザート,甘いデザート,デザートのお菓子,おいしいデザート,7月のデザートの第四,Desserts Plum,Tooth Desserts

Apricot and Sweet Cherry Pandowdy

Perhaps the odd name of this dessert is what has kept it off the radar of most home cooks, but it's perfect for bakers who lack confidence, because you break...

Patisserie Acacier Choux Caramel

Magic Pumpkin Cake

It’s magic because the pumpkin layer sinks to the bottom. It’s really cool. We decided to add White Chocolate Curls on top, and it was great! If you like Pumpkin, you’ll love this recipe!

Strawberry Country Cake

Ree's Dump Cakes Video : Food Network

Ree's Dump Cakes : Ree bakes two varieties of simple Dump Cakes: cherry-pineapple and peach.



Shortbread Recipe - Buttery, crumbly and decadent yet simple. A humble treat that ia always perfect! from

Flower Cake Roll

Apricot and Sweet Cherry Pandowdy

Apricot and Sweet Cherry Pandowdy - Sing along: "Shoefly pie and apple pandowdy, make your eyes light up and make you say howdy."