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Now THIS pic of Yun w/those 3 girls posed like that with him, just KILLS ME. *dies* @@@@@@@@ <3 They're all so hella-sexy, esp. the one in the middle on the floor, spreading her legs so sexily like that, right in front of his legs spread apart. (goodlord ><) That girl in front of him on the floor, is ME. j/k :P ;) <3

WOW! @@@@@@ <3 So breathtakingly SEXY!!!! Like I said...that girl on the floor w/her hand on his stomach, is ME. j/k :P ;) <3 Boy, I'd love to 'slide' myself under Yun's legs. >< lol


The girl behind Yunho, her legs are sexy. Wish I was her. :( lol I wanna dance w/Yunho in this one. (hehe) <3

本日23:00「東方神起 密着ドキュメント2015 ♯3」いよいよ放送! の画像|東方神起見聞録Ⅲ

Changmin's magic trick...sugoii! <3 I really loved watching this part when he did this trick and wow'd not only the girl when Min gave the rose to her, but the trick even wow'd Yunho too. *awwww* <3 His reaction was so cute! <3 ;)

tvxq yunho changmin

Of course... Mr. Suave-Yunho, has to be with 'the Ladies' in this pic. >< lol Look how many of them all wanna 'hang around' next to him so close too. ;) <3 Hey...there's only ONE girl that needs to be next to him, and that's me! hahaha j/k *grrrrrr*

tvxq yunho changmin

At least Changmin isn't that 'close' to the girls as Yunho was surrounded by them. lol Changmin is behind them. (not 'within' them) ;) <3 *thumbs up*

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