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Week 40 - Covering my stomach, I approached the installation. It was my face that I covered when I realized the silent apparitions were not abstracted sheets of fabric but body bags, each tagged with the name of a tribe or nation. The tears were swift and sudden. Bonnie Devine’s “Manitoba” had touched me before the description had been read. Later, reading that it was not an old cruelty but a fresh offence that was being evoked further saddened me, giving my gut an extra twist.

Week 19 - Graduation season is in full gear. This scene made me think of all the people with high-hopes and bright futures that, though on the right road, have yet to crest the hill to view all that is in store for them.

A Flor de Piel - Doris Salcedo

Week 8 - Read a discussion based on an article that boiled down to “this race/gender is better”. It took me a bit before I realized that both sides used generalizations that, though feeling “right”, were still generalizations. Color variations in the human population demonstrate God’s predilection towards diversity. Those that think they can summarize any large group of people with an accuracy that leads to projections are leading a sad life devoid of the various hues that beauty can assume.

ROUND TOWN BY MASEO SEKI // if this is a bracelet, I must have it.

Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, Japan

I own many of these books...I love everything this man did!Miroslav Sasek

Torafu, water, light, projection

Art Journal/Hollie Chastain