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毎日10分!TOEIC400点UPした私の英語勉強法5選 - Locari(ロカリ)

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♡⭐️ᏝҽɬɬҽཞᎦ Ꭷʄ ᏝᎧⱴҽ⭐️♡


海外に行きたい!漠然とした“海外生活の夢”を叶える4つの方法 - Locari(ロカリ)


"I think that the power of art is the power to wake us up, strike us to our depths, change us. What are we searching for when we read a novel, see a film, listen to a piece of music? We are searching, through a work of art, for something that alters us, that we weren't aware of before. We want to transform ourselves, just as Ovid's masterwork transformed me." --from Teach Yourself Italian by Jhumpa Lahiri


Ugh their lazy day looks beautiful! The cat, the fireplace, the warm blankets and the fuzzysocks!!

Let's study! のぞいてみよう、世界のノートのある風景


トイレットペーパーの芯から作る幻想的なアートワーク | 海外Arduino情報