Drainage, safety, comfort, and natural look & feel were all so important to Cesar Millan and staff at the Dog Psychology Center. After much research, EasyTurf was the only choice to meet all needs for the pack! Pet owners and Cesar Millan both choose EasyTurf for any four legged furry family member backyard needs! www.easyturf.com/cesarmillan l artificial turf l pet turf l backyard l outdoor living l synthetic grass l dog whisper l kid friendly l perfect for kids

ProGreen Canine Deluxe 69-RF over the shark drainage blanket - awesome for a dog run

this would be great out in the garden.

Let’s face it - dogs dig; they roll around in the mulch; they dart through the flower beds and potty on the petunias. That said, although the picture-perfect, magazine cover-worthy backyard might not be possible, with a bit of creativity, a little landscape planning, and a lot of compromise, you can easily create a beautiful and functional backyard you’ll both love!

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say cheese....

Please consider a senior dog If you're thinking of adopting Most senior dogs get overlooked every day in shelters

Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa

Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa

unimpressedcats: erm … what are you doing?

pee gravel potty area...for when we break down and get a dog

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