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This is a MUST READ for anyone who is considering vaccinating their child. Please educate before you vaccinate!

Vaccines' Fact Sheet

Believe it! Residue can be on outside, but pesticides get in & stay in plants cells when absorbed through leaves. Get right to work destroying DNA/disrupting hormones, neurotoxin. Roots bring pesticides into plants through contaminated soil and water. Canadian Study, University of Sherbrooke, 2011 results showed 96% of unborn babies to have Bt Toxins in their blood. Pesticides #1 reason for birth defects/lower IQ. Hear top pesticide scientist in country Dr. Benbrook,

ROBERT DE NIRO ON ‘VAXXED’: ‘THE MOVIE IS SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE SHOULD SEE’ “I’m not anti-vaccine. I want safe vaccines”


This precious baby boy reacted to the Hep. B vaccine and passed away after 47 days of life.

Knee Pain Guide

One Hundred Arguments Against Vaccines (plus the ingredient list for all vaccines as of Sept 2013: )

FDA Approved Vaccine with Autism and SIDS Listed as Adverse Events, Vaccine Safety Website Removes Information

Are Peanut Adjuvants in Vaccines Responsible for the Peanut Allergy Epidemic?