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Jemima Kirke discusses how women have always made art, even if they've been absent from the history books (and gallery walls). This short film made by the Tate investigates the role of women as makers, not just muses - - Related to this, also view the video 'Guerrilla Girls: Estrogen Bombing - Yoko Ono's Meltdown'

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51% visual artists today are women. Only 28% museum solo exhibitions spotlighted women in 8 museums in 2000s. 27 women listed in current H.W. Janson’s History of Art— no women featured in the 1980s.16–19th centuries women were barred from studying nude model, basis for academic training.Women are half of the MFAs in US, but only 25% solo exhibitions in New York feature women…

Gerhard Richter : Overpainted Photographs : * Visionary Tokyo

Op, or Optical, art employs abstract patterns and interestisting contrasts to produce effects that confuse and excite the eye...

Suminagashi (sue-me-NAH-gah-she) literally means “floating ink” and is an ancient form of Japanese marbling dating back over 800 years. Colored inks are floated on a bath of clear water and then gently manipulated into delicate patterns. Paper is carefully laid on top of the water to absorb the colors and then lifted. This is a form of monoprinting where no two prints will be exactly the same.

The London art audit: how well are female artists represented?

The London art audit by the East London Fawcett Group: how well are female artists represented? How likely are you to see a piece of art in a London gallery created by a woman? Out of 134 commercial galleries in London, which represent 3,163 artists, just 31% were women artists. Also view:

Tasha Tudor, an American illustrator of children’s books. She lived the life — a 19th century life — she depicted in her books: “She wore kerchiefs, hand-knitted sweaters, fitted bodices and flowing skirts, and often went barefoot. She reared her four children in a home without electricity or running water until her youngest turned five…” She raised her own farm animals; turned flax she had grown into clothing; and lived by homespun wisdom: sow root crops on a waning moon, above-ground…

Jemima Kirke who plays Jessa in GIRLS on HBO is a Painter? omgomgomg i'm so excited..