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Ban ALL circumcision. Period.

THE DANGER'S OF COWS MILK by Linda Folden Palmer, D.C. Today, many of the problems parents have with their babies are linked to new parenting and feeding techniques that have been implemented during the recent century. Colic, for instance, is far more common in the U.S. than in many other places around the world. To read more please click

I just ran out of antiRIC cards.. Thanks for the reminder Pinterest!:)

An insurance company tells it like it is. THANK YOU to Hudson Health Plan! This insurance company sent this accurate circumcision info to its members in a newsletter.


Colin Farrell, INTACTIVIST OF THE MONTH: Anti-Circumcision Celebrities | Intact America #circumcision

Worldwide only Americans, Jews and Muslims routinely circumcise their boys. Men in the rest of the world remain intact. 80% of girls who are circumcised have ‘only’ their foreskin/clitoral hood removed. 20% have a far more invasive procedure. Both are unacceptable and considered human rights violations.

You protect us. Will you protect our brothers? Say NO to FGM and MGM Say YES to bodily integrity for all Say NO to routine infant circumcision