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Bill Maher Overrun with sheep.

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Helping Birthmothers years later on their journey. Birth Moms Today is an online Community Grounded and Centered in Loving-Life Changing Support. Visit us at #birthmomstoday

Atheism, Religion, Christianity, God is Imaginary, Children, Love. If you approval of your children is predicated on their beliefs... you don't love your children at all. You love your beliefs.

Factoid: Guns used for self defense

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Stonewall Inn, June 1969 -- After another in a series of endless police raids on homosexual bars in NYC, gays and lesbians refused to submit to the degradation and passively be arrested just for being themselves. Refusal to cooperate with arresting officers escalated into a weekend of rioting and sparked the rise of the Gay Rights Movement in the US.

Yep! Definitely. Sorry, but its true.

Amy Poehler's internet show for girls. Is Amy Poehler the best, or what? Smart Girls at the Party - CHANGE THE WORLD BY BEING YOURSELF