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In Greek mythology, the Chimera is a monstrous creature that was composed of several different animals. The chimera is only one of several famous mythological hybrids. As with all mythical creatures, there is the question of its origin. In some traditions, the Chimera was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna and sister of such monsters as Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.


Eidyia The Ocean Goddess 5x7 Blank Greeting Card

Eidyia The Ocean Goddess In Greek mythology, Eidyia is an Oceanid, one of the three thousand daughters of the Titans, Oceanus and Tethys. Her name was derived from the Greek word eidô, "to see" or "know." In the familial sense she probably personified the magical power of the eye, which in Greek superstition was the source of the witch's supernatural power. Art and quote by Emily Balivet

The Japanese artist Hajime Emoto's wonderful creatures again, to the cabinet of curiosities with you!


The Warrior Diet

The warrior diet; Ask yourself, what could happen if you didn't eat, 20 hours a day, if you did this for a week, for a month? This is NOT a miracle diet, period.

Rhea was the Titaness daughter of the sky god Uranus and the earth goddess Gaia, in Greek mythology.


Zeus And Hera At The Throne Statue Sculpture Figurine - Greek mythology • $89.99

In Greek Mythology, Zeus and Hera were the King and Queen of the Olympian Gods overseeing the universe. Description from I searched for this on

土屋仁応 ネッシー 2009 h20 w21 d18cm 檜・彩色・ブルートパーズ