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Lilly: "Hello everyone" I wave a little. "I don't know many of you sooo introduce?" ((Hey guys I've noticed that many of you are buddy-buddy and I want a taste of that action! LOL!! The only person I rp with on this board is Kaylee Comeau. I want some more pinterest buddies! I usually don't ask for this, but, can some of you go out of your way to introduce yourselves? Pleeeaaasse? Thanks so much! <3 Hannah))

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Lycia Faith

hey I'm Kate. I'm 18 and single. I love writing and reading. I can be a bit of a dork sometimes, but I don't like to show it. I also love music. introduce? (fc: Lycia Faith)

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Lycia Faith ❤


Bomber jacket White print Ripped jeans

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