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if you like it than you need to put a Dean on it.

ブラブラブーツ,やっつける,ことわざの漫画を引用,狂気のことわざ,生意気なことわざ,本物の引用符,価値は引用符,Ass Kicking,Sayings Ya

Have a Coke and a smile with Sam and Dean (Sam WOULD drink coke zero--this is more accurate than they knew, or they have a fan in their advertising dept.)

ha ha... Also, just cuz you give advice doesn't mean the other person has to take it... advice is like taking a poll and seeing what options are out that... advice does not equal the only right answer.... hmmm

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Ministry of silly walks!

Supernatural - Jared Padalecki – Sam Winchester - Jensen Ackles – Dean Winchester - Castiel – Misha Collins

i would giggle every. single. time.