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perplexors | Perplexors Level D

Time to get into Back to School mode! Here's a #free #printable to get your childs brain moving from our Grid Perplexes Level A book.

6 alternatives to traditional homework assignments

geometry puzzle. first day in cooperative base groups?

British and American English

This is the second sheet in our series of matchstick puzzles. These are a bit more challenging so we qualify them as intermediate. Great for stiumulating lateral thinking.

Solve Toothpick Puzzles!

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perplexors | Perplexors Level C

printable puzzles for adults | Logic Puzzle Template - PDF

Pick up a pencil and sharpen your deductive reasoning skills with these challenging logic puzzles. Each Perplexor puzzle categorizes information and lists clues below. By using the "cross-out-and-circle" technique, you will practice logical thinking in order to find the correct answer. Perplexors: Basic Level (Ages 8 to 9) includes 48 full-page puzzles with solutions. Reproducible.