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themagiclantern: Mozart’s Virtual Musical Diary -The composer’s own notes, from 1784 until his death. Via the British Library.

Marcel Proust's Carnets de notes, 1908-1918 BNF, Manuscrits, N. a. fr…

japanese matchbook. Hisui Sugiura/ red, cream, black and grey

Chatterbox Album of Animals. Margaret Vandegrift (1845-1913). Published by W. W. Gardner, London, 1880. Illustrated by Harrison Weir (1824-1906). First edition. The classic 1880 animal stories of pets, wild animals and farm animals for children. Black and white illustrations. "This is a Robin that built its nest, and hatched its eggs, in an old shoe which had been thrown away..."

Antique Asian Nature Book

Page on alchemy from a notebook that belonged to Isaac Newton when he was an undergraduate at Trinity College, 1661-1665. The bottom split is Corporia vs Incorporia, leading to Corpus (material) and Spiritus (ethereal). I can't make out all the words on the second split, but the right hand side leads to Orbes Celestes. The left is "corrupted" something, i.e. terrestrial matter.


Fate and the Butterfly by Forrest Halsey New York: B.W.Dodge Company 1909

Mozart's handwritten score (1756-1791)

Back cover of 17th century embroidered satin book with two sets of metal clasps. by Aria Nadii, via Flickr