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Manuscript Leaf from a Psalter: Agony in the Garden and Betrayal of Christ. ca. 1270 British.

Here's the thing I don't get about claims that the importance and centrality of the Crucifix somehow means that Catholics "don't worship a risen Christ": what do we call Easter? We can't have the Resurrection without the Crucifixion (and Death of Christ)-- what, after all, did Christ rise FROM?

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The arrest of Christ, The Fécamp Psalter (KB 76 F 13, fol. 21v), c. 1180

中世のイラスト,悪の芸術,お気に入りの出版物,ブック,探しているコンテンツ,興味深いコンテンツ,アート,Demon G,Demon Art

One of seven extant full-page miniatures from a lost psalter associated with William de Brailes, an artist working in Oxford,1238-52 (see Image 155). This leaf shows the seated figure of Christ blessing, while trampling on the lion and the basilisk, and below, Christ's ancestor, King David, playing the harp. Within the frame, in roundels, are the four symbols of the Evangelists, and below, musicians

Interesting bed details from an early 13th c. English Psalter (Royal 1 D. x f…

Fragment(single leaf) of a Speculum Virginum ms., late 13th or eqrly 14th century, Rheinisches Landesmuseum No. 15326, illustration showing the "Three Conditions of Woman", viz. virgins, widows and married wives, in a harvest allegory. The virgins reap hundredfold, the widows sixtyfold, the wives thirtyfold.

May 15 - Agony in the Garden and Betrayal of Christ - 1270 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art