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Ar-15 Long Range

crassetination: Modern Warfare 07: Crying Game

plastik's "Project Mayhem / KWA M16"

marksman's AR-15 carbine with bi-pod and more powerful scope for improved long range accuracy

LaRue Tactical 5.56 Stealth Sniper System LT011

Equipped with a double shot .50 barrel plus an automatic 9mm.



The Mosin Nagant series of Russian rifles. From top to bottom: Mosin–Nagant M91 / Mosin–Nagant M91/ "Dragoon" Mosin–Nagant/ M07 Carbine Mosin–Nagant M91/30/ Mosin–Nagant M91/30 PU Sniper/ Mosin–Nagant M38/ Carbine Mosin–Nagant M44 Carbine/ Mosin–Nagant M59 Carbine The Mosin Nagant, standard issue rifle for the Red Army during WW2, is still in use in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Teds Woodworking Plans Review

Free Shooting Bench Plans | Free Bench Plans. #shooting #bench #range…