Book to use for teaching "small moment" personal narrative writing

Narrative Writing

Think I've just about got these down now!

Using a small moment to teach students how to write personal narratives!

Bookcase Shadows- This has LOTS of possibilities. What about having the kids MAKE an outline of something from their favorite book and use it to bring your classroom bookcases come to life? VERY COOL!

Fall Writer's Workshop Idea: Writing a Personal Narrative Small Moment Seed Story

Differentiate homework & give students choice... Students choose when to do deliberate practice in math 20 min. [review (meet expectations) or take on a challenge (exceed expectations), & in literacy [write for 60 min./week & read for 60 min./week.] Logging what they have done & showing their progress to the teacher throughout the week is mandatory.

Personal narrative / small moments writing for Kindergarten

Main Idea FREEBIE. Great independent reading center idea!

Are you looking for a fun way to teach describing characters and character traits? Try this FREEBIE.

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