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Marble female figure, made in stone - circa 3200–2700 BCE, from early Cycladic period, height 11 cm - at the Metropolitan Museum

Statuaires des Cyclades

Cucuteni 'Trypillian' .

Goddess Date: ca. 3500–3000 B.C. Culture: Pakistan (Quetta area) Medium: Terracotta

Jomon goddess figure (Japan's Jomon era: 14,000 BCE to about 300 BCE)

Early Cycladic II, 2700–2600 BC ●彡


Figurilla de mujer embarazada (tercer milenio a. C. // cultura cicládica

amuletic Idol. Most probably shell. Mesopotamia

Venus from Strelice (Czech Republic, neolithic age). Professional cast of mother goddess figurine by TOPGEO