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Onigirazu -- Onigiri (means rice ball molded by hand) is one of the traditional Japanese food. And now, Onigirazu (means unmold by hands) is very popular, since they can stuff more fillings in between rice than onigiri, and it looks more beautiful when they are cut in half. Also, it is easier than Onigiri since you don't have to mold, just spread rice over seaweed sheet.

grilled baby corn | Taiwanese cuisine

Matcha Milk Pudding

Taiwanese Pork with Garlic Sauce

Japanese Summer Dessert "Anmitsu" with Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream and Warabi Mochi|博多限定 林屋あんみつ

pork heart | Taiwanese food

Yogurt Mousse with Raspberries

pork noodle soup | Taiwanese food