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I hope where he is, Bucky Barnes is warm and happy.

The Avengers ♥ Winnie the pooh style

The Avengers in the style of Winnie the Pooh…

The Avengers ♥ Winnie the pooh style

Bucky by tatsuri

キャプテンブッキー,ブッキーアート,スティッキースティーブブッキー,バッキーキャップ,美しいブッキー,キャピタンアメリカ,Bucky Bb,Beautiful Ghost,Marvellous

Winter Soldier.

the place of feeling at ease by ~tatsuri

I dunno...kitty!kid!Loki is a kinda cute idea...and Thor probably has to be twice as protective over him because just look at him!!

Natasha and Bucky future. This makes me happy because it has a story behind it. Natasha can't have babies because of what red room did to her. Here Bucky and Natalia are shown with a baby, the baby was found during one of their missions in which her parents where killed. Bucky and Natalia took her under their wing and eventually adopted her

Bucky and Steve

It's official. Chris became a Marvel fanboy and has deticated his life to them haha. Approved>>> Stay. Stay forever and never leave us Chris!

Lullaby by tatsuri

Mama Frigga, with Little Loki and Thor, thievish adorable.

Bucky Barnes