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X-95 I flattop

IWI Tavor TSB16 5.56 NATO — Range Report!

"Groza" OC-14 / OTs-14 modular assault rifle. Caliber, mm: 9x39 SP-6, 7.62x39 M43, Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs, Length: 610 mm (with grenade launcher installed), Barrel length: 240 mm, Weigth: 2.7 kg, Magazine: 20rds (9mm), 30rds AK-47 type (7.62mm), Rate of fire: 700 rounds per minute

Israel Weapon Industries MTAR-21 5.56mm sub-machine gun

PP-19 ビゾン ロシアのSMG。この銃身の下についた円筒形の物体は・・・マガジンである。螺旋状に弾薬が収納され64発もの装弾数がってアメリカも昔似たようなの作ってたな。ちなみに本体は相変わらずカラシニコフである。カラシニコフ万能説

EOTECH Model 552™Laser Battery Cap 2: The sight of choice by military units for many years. This trusted optic, built to withstand extreme punishment, is now available with our new Laser Battery Cap 2. The 552.LBC2 offers integrated low-power visible and IR lasers, making it ideal for the close quarters battle (CQB)

plastik's "Project Mayhem / KWA M16"

Tylers Army Beretta PX4 Storm In 2 Colors | Toms Custom Guns... I normally prefer Berettas in basic black, but this is pretty awesome.

VFC HK416C (Systema TW custom) Airsoft gun in Japan. Fashion Photo.

AR-15 Mag Rifle | Turn that AR-15 into a Support Weapon | Popular Airsoft

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