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Gastornis giganteus by Leogon on DeviantArt. "Gastornis is an extinct genus of large flightless birds that lived during the late Paleocene and Eocene epochs of the Cenozoic era. The genus is currently thought to contain three or four distinct species, known from incomplete fossil remains, found in western-central Europe (England, Belgium, France and Germany). Many scientists now consider Diatryma . . should also be included in that genus" as found in North America. 5th species evolved in…

Hadrosaurus_Hadrosauridae in Alaska

Argentavis Magnivicens. The estimate span was 7 – 7.5 m, height ca. 1.5 m and the mass approx. 72 kg. One of the largest flying birds known to science, certainly the heaviest bird known to have flew.

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Spinosaurus Aegypt...

genyornis, megalania

#Herrerasaurus by ~Swordlord3d on deviantART #dinosaur #paleoart

Devonian period--Prehistoric amphibians. The one looks very gatorish. By Masato Hattori

Allosaurus fragilis