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Gastornis giganteus by Leogon on DeviantArt. "Gastornis is an extinct genus of large flightless birds that lived during the late Paleocene and Eocene epochs of the Cenozoic era. The genus is currently thought to contain three or four distinct species, known from incomplete fossil remains, found in western-central Europe (England, Belgium, France and Germany). Many scientists now consider Diatryma . . should also be included in that genus" as found in North America. 5th species evolved in…

Devonian period--Prehistoric amphibians. The one looks very gatorish. By Masato Hattori

Top 5 prehistoric sea monsters

Sinosauropteryx was a theropod dinosaur that had simple bristles -- precursors of feathers -- in alternate orange and white rings down its tail.

Sauroposeidon_Herbivorous dinosaur of Sauroposeidon Sauroposeidon Cretaceous 30m. Sauropods of the largest. Rather than Brachiosaurus include, but are said to members of Tita Bruno Dinosaur form class.

Hypacrosaur by John Gurche

genyornis, megalania

Recreation of the Elasmotherium, went extinct 50,000 years ago. In the Rouffignac Cave in France paleolithic art of this animal is found.