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I don't think Zayn's a druggie, Liam wouldn't give it back. Sorry for the language, but I had to pin!!

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mandy on

my heart just shattered in millions of pieces #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik


The story of my life, I ran straight home... Replay all night to wreck that ball... And the views... GOT FROOOOOOOZEN.

Why does Liam look so much like harry in this pic?!?!❤️

this is annoying like liam why did you even reply? justin would never have done that so it just made you look like a dick bringing up justins past when hes said many times that hes changing his ways and apologizing for all he did like wow thats really disrespectful and immature of you.

Where has this picture been??<<< larry *-*

I can see this happening