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Kimber Desert Warrior 1911 Pistol. Love the 1911 frame, LOVE IT! Don't like the .45 - too slow and lame terminal ballistics. Don't tell me about big and knock-down power. F=MV^2. We need supersonic bullets!


H&K G36C

Springfield Armory NRA 1911 - For this Veteran’s Day – we wanted to feature a special 1911 semi-auto pistol that also reflects the thousands of NRA members that have served or helped train our military forces over the decades. Manufactured at Springfield Armory, this early M1911 pistol was a handgun that was purchased by an NRA member just before WWI and at that time the marking N.R.A was added to the frame. Less than 250 of these pistols were to be sold in this program.

Y U R I C U S T O M W O R K S. Look this up if you can, several combinations

Berretta M9 Commercial

Western Arms Colt Government, GBB Airsoft

Kimber 1911 Desert Warrior - Based on specialized pistols built for United States Marines assigned to Central Command.

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Rock Island Armory .45 Cal. 1911 Pistol Review - rock island -