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Flash King (フラッシュキング)!!!

個人的特撮ヒーロー事典 - トップページ - 個人的特撮ヒーロー事典 このページは特撮ヒーローに関しての思い入れを「シュミ特」風に書き込めるサイトです。 このページは自由に編集することができます。 60年代から現在まで、さまざまな特撮ヒーローに関...


The Ultimate Keytar x Japanese Babe x Montser Photo

ミラーとケラー 電子戦隊デンジマン

Hedrian Joō, the star of the show ^^;;;

The official Uchusen Twitter account finally revealed White Wizard's official Rider name! White Wizard is a mysterious figure that gave Haruto his Rider Belt from the Kamen Rider Wizard TV series. Though official Kamen Rider Wizard merchandise only referred him as the White Wizard (Shiroi Mahoutsukai), his official name is Kamen Rider Wiseman. In short, the White Wizard is officially counted as a Kamen Rider.

Independent tokusatsu label, Zen Pictures is producing a movie featuring Kōjin Gaion, a secondary character from Hōjin Yatsuragi, a local hero TV show that aired on Chiba, Japan.

本郷 猛

Two heroes named Gorō...