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Richard Armitage as Sir Guy - the man who threw the earth of it's axis.

Stop rolling your eyes at me, I happen to like this bra. Oh, all right.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks/MI-5 (2008-2010)

Guy of Gisborne. Yes, you. You were so great in season in season 3. Well, you great in all the seasons, but particularly that one. You were brilliant as Robin's enemy. But you were perfectly perfect as Robin's ally. I mean, way way perfect. And when you died, I mourned you bad. Brothers in arms? Yeah. I died too. And I didn't like how Marian used you. Even though she had reason to. Sorta. It still wasn't nice. And I love your costumes. All two of them.

"He is so sweet, and the love in his eyes is, simply, undeniable." RA as Harry Kennedy

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Richard Armitage--his hair and the EYES of fangirl doom!

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I'm in Leicester, home of RA! But I'm stalking a different Richard, Richard III. ;-)

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