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New year, new video! Jeroen from approached me with a pretty cool idea again, the last being Franchise animated ( This time it was a free canvas, with the only requirement to use one of the typefaces on the site. I was honored to be the first one to do Animography Monthly! But It was a crazy December for me and I was running out of time, so I had to give myself a few restraints: · Had to be done 1 day. · Had to fit the style of the Isot...

A Cerebral Canvas Celebration of that most unique of days. While Pi is a constant each of its numbers animates cross time & space to create playful patterns of color, creative & chords in this piece of generative animation art. View this at:



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安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」) - YouTube


DataDonors How it works

DataDonors How it works #explainer


I'm gonna make it better - Sebas&Clim

25 Songs In 25 Days - The Toughest Parts of Making Something Every Day - An Incredible Waste Of Time

TV3 commissioned Frame to create a new brand identity based around a set of idents for their female biased lifestyle channel TV3 Puls. The package aligns with a update range of content on the channel. The idents sit comfortably as part of the TV3 family. TV3 was very focused on the idea of creating an identity package that reflected the feel of the channel rather than the content of it. They had to be abstract, clearly avoiding literal clichees and had to be all graphic. Obviously it was…