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Upper part of a statue of Amenotep II. 18th dynasty, c. 1425 B.C.

Statue of Lady Sennuwy | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Black steatite statue of Meryptah. 19th dynasty. | The British Museum

The Courtyard of the Cachette in the Temple of Amun at Karnak in Luxor (Ancient Thebes), Egypt. Statue of Amenhotep II with Meretseger (a cobra goddess) Material: Granite Size: Height 125 cm Period: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Amenhotep II

Colossal statue of Ramses II as a child protected by Horus as a falcon carved in grey granite, tanis, Egypt 19th Dynasty, reign of Ramesses II (1290-1224 BC) (in the Cairo Antiquity Museum)

Bronze statue of Isis on Her Lion Throne, nursing Horus the Child; late Period, VII/VI bc, now in the Kunst Historisches Museum, Wien

Archaeologists unveil two pharaoh Amenhotep III statues in Egypt

Rare find: Archaeologists also discovered the alabaster head from another Amenhotep III statue

Statue of Lady Sennuwy (Nubia/Kush/ Modern day Sudan) Kemet Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 12, reign of Senwosret I 1971–1926 B.C. This elegant seated statue of Lady Sennuwy of Asyut is one of the most...

Djoser - Netjerykhet was an ancient Egyptian king (pharaoh) of the 3rd dynasty during the Old Kingdom and the founder of this epoque. He is well known under his Hellenized names Tosorthros (by Manetho) and Sesorthos (by Eusebius).