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Upper part of a statue of Amenotep II. 18th dynasty, c. 1425 B.C.

Statue of King Khafre, ancient Egyptian king (pharaoh) of 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom.

Egyptian God Horus

Upper part of a statue of Thutmose III Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Date: ca. 1479–1425 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri


Luxor Temple (معبد الأقصر)

Colossal statues of Ramses II (19th Dynasty) wearing the Pshent crown flank the entrance to Luxor Temple. The double crown symbolizes the two regions of upper and lower Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian otter statue.

Facade of an ancient Egyptian temple.

Anubis,Egyptian God of the Dead guarding the Chest. Found in Tutankhamun's tomb. He was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled ca. 1332 BC – 1323 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. He is popularly referred to as King Tut.

Pair of Hands from a Group Statue of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. Additional attribution 47sw: Ancient Egyptian, New Kingdom, 18th dynasty, 1350 BC. Alte Nationalgalerie Museum, Berlin.

Statue of King Mentuhotep II in the Jubilee Garment Period: Middle Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 11 Reign: reign of Mentuhotep II Date: ca. 2051–2000 B.C. Geography: Egypt, Upper Egypt; Thebes, Deir el-Bahri, Temple of Mentuhotep II, originally from the courtyard, MMA 1921-1922