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POTTO ~ Habitat: Rain forests in Africa ~ Fun Fact: The potto is a nocturnal creature that lives among the trees and is an extremely skilled climber.

Green Ringtail Possum is a species of ringtail possum found only in northern Australia. This makes it unique in its genus, all other members of which are found in New Guinea or nearby islands. The green ringtail possum is found in a tiny area of northeastern Queensland, between Paluma and Mount Windsor Tableland

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[I couldn't tell if this was a new species or just not known to be found in the particular area. It's new to me though!] "Lost World" Found in Indonesia Is Trove of New Species During a December 2005 expedition in Indonesia's Foja Mountains, a researcher cradles a golden-mantled tree kangaroo, the first such tree kangaroo ever spotted in Indonesia

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Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo ... climate change could lead to reduced rainfall and increased temperatures in Australia. These changes will exacerbate existing threats to kangraoos, such as through changed fire patterns, the WWF says. The main threat to the Lumholtz tree kangaroo is clearing of their Queensland rainforest habitat, but this has lessened with the declaration of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

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Markhors are endangered goat-antelopes indigenous to Central Asia.

回眸一笑,在大自然讓你拍照 ( =◐ ω◐) (John Moncrieff 攝於蘇格蘭昔德蘭群島)

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