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Sega Saturn Racer Joystick HSS-0115/HSS-0141 :-: First released in 1995 in Japan, it goes without saying that this controller was designed to be used with racing and driving games. The controller itself is analog and can be adjusted in its height and angle. The controller has 7 face buttons and 2 paddles on the side of the wheel all of which can be used to control various aspects of the game. The controller is also available in a number of colors.

SNK NEO-GEO CD - This is one console I would dearly ♥ to own #neogeo

Video Game History Through Controllers by Javier Laspiur (11 Pictures

Video Game History Through Controllers by Javier Laspiur (11 Pictures)

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Sega Master System 3060 Control Stick :-: Never to be confused with the Model 3060 Joypad Control stick, the most significant feature of this controller is the big T-Grip handle. This feature was advertised as allowing a player to achieve "more precise gaming control", which may have been true for car and racing games, but not so true for high precision games. The device featured a standard DE-9 connector and so could be used on most gaming consoles and home computers on the age.

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Sega HSS-0141

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Panasonic FZ-JS1 :-: Released only in Japan for the 3DO console this is a beautiful looking controller deck. Solidly built, several decks could be daisy chained together for multiple game play. The fire buttons could be operated in two modes and each button could be independently set for auto fire and turbo.