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Asia Times Speaking Freely China Lost in Translation.

Ezra Vogel, Harvard professor emeritus, political analyst, and one of America’s best-known public intellectuals on Asia, drew crowds today at Peking University, China’s leading institution of higher education. He gave the talk in Chinese. [April 21, 2013]

「east west dichotomy」の画像検索結果

WHILE IT is flattering to see my ideas on Chinese terminologies so shamelessly plagiarized by The Economist language blog, Johnson, it is ironic to see it happening precisely on the very subject about stealing language and originality from Asia.

Thorsten Pattberg's 'Dead in Translation - The Attack on Asia's Socio-Cultural Originality

La fin de la traduction Voici un article écrit dans un anglais un peu rocailleux par un professeur allemand qui travaille à Pékin. Ma traduction est, par construction, approximative. La source est le remarquable webzine Asia Times on Line, une des meilleures sources d’informations sur l’Asie et une mine de points de vue asiatiques sur nous

Ezra Vogel at Peking University, April 2013 Deng Xiaoping initiated China’s open-up policy in 1978 which ultimately lifted 400 million people out of poverty (so far) but also put his political legacy at stake during the events of the 1989 Tiananmen incident.

Pattberg: "We have already annihilated China's spiritual shengren and the other archetypes. They are gone."

Beida and Tsinghua are the two most prominent universities in China, a country of 1.35 billion people.

Hans Küng, philosopher, and President of the Global Ethic Foundation, is sometimes called the new Hegel of Tübingen, and in China he is called the Swiss Confucius. His Chinese surname is Kong, just like Kong Fu-tze.