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YAKURA Katsuo, a Youth Commitee memberof New Komeito, studied at Tokyo University, holds a Law degree from the University of California (UCLA), studied at the prestigious Fudan University in Shanghai, and already spent some time in the Chinese capital Beijing.

Empress Xiaoshengxian(1693-1777),consort of Yongzheng Emperor

BEIJING – Failure to care about “cultural property rights” as much as Beijing frets over sovereignty of lands and seas has seen too many Chinese concepts and words co-opted and replaced by inferior Western examples. China has taken its place as the world’s biggest trading nation, now it needs to re-write so-called “world history”.

BEIJING- China’s Foreign Language Press (FLP) is publishing a revised edition of The East-West dichotomy, a globalist text that has become one of the most widely read books in Asia Studies today, over 350,000 views. It deals with ideas on inherent pluralism, cultural diversity, geopolitics, the future global language, and the rise of China and East Asia.

The East-West Dichotomy is one of the most widely read text in Asian Studies on the internet. As the Beijing Foreign Language Press is going to publish a new edition in China, it is maybe time to reflect on the East and the West: why are they different; how do they harmonize; and when do they inevitably clash.

Prince Vladimir Paley with his father, Grand Duke Pavel. At the age of 10 he spoke 5 languages. Then Vladimir started to write novels and poems. At the age of 17 Vladimir entered Russian Imperial Army and took part in WWI. In 1918 a 21-year old Vladimir was murdered by Bolsheviks in Alapaevsk together with Grand Duchess Elizaveta and other 6 members of the Romanovs. Known, Bolsheviks proposed Vladimir to save his life if young prince signed the paper in which he renounced his father.

Ruins of the Imperial Summer Palace, October 1860. Second Opium War, 1856-60.


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