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Muldjewangk (Australian) - Giant merman monster. As you noticed lately i'm not really updating this much, that is because I took my Mythika project to Tumblr: click --> if you are interested. I can put more text with the pictures on Tumblr. I will still update this pinterest page as well from time to time.

Rompo is a mythological beast originating from the legends of India and Africa. It has a long (approx. 2-3 feet) and thin body with the front arms of a badger and rear legs of a bear, the head of a hare, human ears and horse mane. It was said this creature was nocturnal, secretive, and known to eat human corpses. It also said to croon softly as it eats.

Kukeri is a traditional Bulgarian ritual to scare away evil spirits, with costumed men performing the ritual.

Yastay llama- Incan myth: a giant llama that protects llama and guanaco herds. It can be a protector of poor hunters but it could also be a ruthless judge of those who hunt without need. To those it burns with its eyes with a heat that is equal to the sun.

Sugar by Amanda Louise Spayd Oh no! It's the sugar monster!! And he's so cute. Turn away before your teeth start falling out.

Ambize- Congo myth: a giant fish that has the head of an ox, hands like a human, and pork flavored meat.

無支奇, Wú Zhīqí, a water monster from Journey to the West.

Fsti Capcaki- Native American myth: a giant hairy humanoid that is strong enough to rip out trees from the ground and use it as a club. It smells like stagnant waters and is covered in gray fur.

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Mogollan monster- North American cryptid: a 7ft tall hominid that is covered in reddish Brown hair with the exception of its face, chest, hands, and feet. It has a strong odor resembling the musk of a snapping turtle, dead fish, skunk stink, and decaying peat moss. It is nocturnal, omnivorous, very territorial, sometimes violent, mimics animals, screams like a woman in distress, explores campsites at night, builds nests, throws stones, and decapitates deer. It lives in the mountains of…