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Muldjewangk (Australian) - Giant merman monster. As you noticed lately i'm not really updating this much, that is because I took my Mythika project to Tumblr: click --> if you are interested. I can put more text with the pictures on Tumblr. I will still update this pinterest page as well from time to time.

Nüwa, the Serpent Goddess

Nüwa was a serpent deity from ancient Chinese mythology. Sometimes she is pictured as a gorgeous woman, other times she is shown possessing a woman’s head but the body of a powerful snake. Nüwa was the creator of humankind and remained a powerful benefactor to people and all living creatures (many of which were also her handiwork).

Sugar by Amanda Louise Spayd Oh no! It's the sugar monster!! And he's so cute. Turn away before your teeth start falling out.

Tsemaus (Native American) - A shark/marlin based creature that can live both in lakes, oceans and even swim in sand. The Tsemaus has very sharp and big dorsal fins which they use to cut through boats and legs from fleeing prey, then they feed on the wounded victims. These creatures are among the top-predators of the desert, they have even been known to kill Karkadanns.

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A hybrid of several animals, the beast has the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki (raccoon dog), the legs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. It has the ability to transform into a black cloud and fly around, the Nue is reputed to bring misfortune and illness.

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Mastopogon- South American legend: a large fish that has rough scales, sharp teeth, spiny fins, a long dorsal spine reaching its tail, a straight tail, and a wattle resembling a goat udder under its chin. It eats all other sea creatures, and does not hesitate to drown and dismember any human it catches.

Idea for the Tyrnn Giants

無支奇, Wú Zhīqí, a water monster from Journey to the West.