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The Celtic deity Brigid is associated strongly with fire, beside being a patron goddess of poetry, smithing, arts, and medicine. She’s honoured during the springtime welcoming festival known as Imbolc

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Áine, the Faery Goddess

Aine, Irish goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. In Christian times she became a fairy queen. #wicca #pagan

Beyla, the Bee Goddess with influence over sweetness, wisdom and mead.

Celtic Mythology: The Tuatha De Danann/Sidhe: The Tuatha De Danann are known throughout ancient Ireland as the people of the goddess Dana/Danu (also known as mother). It's important to note that throughout history she became known as Brigit, who then got absorbed into Christian beliefs as a saint. According to the Annals of the Four Masters, the Tuatha De Danann ruled Ireland from 1897 to 1700 BC.

Brighid, the Celtic Triple Fire Goddess, representing three or “all three” aspects of feminine Divinity. Her element is fire, and she is both a protectoress and the patroness of healers, crafters and poets, holders of Divine Wisdom in artisan forms.

The Morrígan is a goddess of battle, strife, and sovereignty. She sometimes appears in the form of a crow, flying above the warriors, and in the Ulster cycle she also takes the form of an eel, a wolf and a cow. She is generally considered a war deity comparable with the Germanic Valkyries, although her association with a cow may also suggest a role connected with wealth and the land.

The painting of the Goddess Brigid or St. Brigid inside the icon box. Included are symbols of Brigid: Brigid's cross, the oak tree, dawn light, sheep, her green cloak, and the metalwork brooch and cross around her neck. She is also sitting on a hill, for she is the Goddes of "high places". Copyright Karin Bolstad 2012

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