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The Celtic deity Brigid is associated strongly with fire, beside being a patron goddess of poetry, smithing, arts, and medicine. She’s honoured during the springtime welcoming festival known as Imbolc

Sacred Art; The Goddess Brighid

From left to right, Brighid in her triple aspects as; the Healer, the Flame of Inspiration, and the Smith/Fferyllt. There are gold metallic details, too, ...

The Seven Sisters (Pleiades) -Kagaya

Brigid, Celtic goddess of fire, healing, wisdom and craftsmanship. More

Tsuyoshi Nagano : Isis

Brigid seems to have been both a pagan goddess and a Christian saint, with a smooth transition over time. As a goddess she was the patron of healing, crafts and poetry. Although venerated all over Ireland, Brigid had special territorial power over Leinster. She was an expert in prophecy and she was invoked by women in childbirth. This fertility aspect of her character is strong: her pagan feast day was the feast of Imbolc, which was a seaonal fertility feast celebrating the lactating of…

Geographia by Shu Mizoguchi

Art: Brigid Goddess of Swans by Artist Lori Karels

Artist: Tsuyoshi Nagano - Title: Unknown - Card: Soaring Daybreaker Pallas (Elegant)

Caroline Evans - Irish artist - Clare, Ireland

Aine, diosa irlandesa de verano, la riqueza y la soberanía. En tiempos del cristianismo se convirtió en reina de las hadas.