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Also known as: Necors, Nykers, Water Wolves, Fuath, Fifel, Afanc, Nekkers, Nikkisen, River-Men, Water Trolls, Orc-Thyrs. There seem to be several different breeds of Water Ogre, some of which are entirely habitual to water and others who are amphibious and may also trek the land in search of victims. Nicky, Nicky Nye of the River Usk in Gwent, Wales (and possibly also encountered in Somerset, England) has also been rumoured to either snatch victims from small boats or to cause strong…

Church-Grims(Kegrims)are animal spirits that inhabit churches & burial grounds.It's been said,that as the oldest churches were being built,an animal was sacrificed & buried in the foundations.It's believed that its spirit would rise & protect the grounds from evil.Some church spirits are not invited/welcomed but are said to be Demons that assumed the guise of an animal.These Demons prove difficult to exorcise/remove. In Wales evil spirits take the form of horrendous black-skinned pigs.10-4


Also known as: Water Ogresses, Water Witches, Water Trolls, Drowning Faeries, River-Women, Fuath, Fuathan, Bean Fionn, Cuachag, Cailleach Uisge (Water-Hags). The Groac’h are malevolent female spirits that inhabit ponds and, more commonly, rivers. These entities are an exceptional threat to human life and especially to children - indeed one of these fiends, Peg Powler (who inhabits the River Tees in County Durham and Cleveland in England), is said to place eye-catching trinkets on the…

Nuribotoke / 塗仏 (an animated corpse with blackened flesh and dangling eyeballs) from the Hyakkai-Zukan, ca. 1737 by Sawaki Suushi. They are portrayed as similar in appearance to the Buddha but with largely bloated stomachs and occasionally having a catfish's tail. #japan #myth #youkai #world #gods

Oak-Men(Inifri Duir, Bodachan na Croibhe Moire)They're very protective of their tree & prefer to live in ancient & imposing Oaks.They'll settle in pollards & coppices if their tree's been chopped.Then they'll seek revenge upon any human.They assume the form of a human trader & offer appetizing cakes to hungry/weary passers-by.These are poisonous fungi glamorized to look good.They're very protective & nurturing towards the other creatures that share their woodland habitat.8-6

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Also known as: Mara-Warra, Moruadh, Murrughach, Sea-Cows, Walrus-People, Muardachas. The Merrows are a distinct breed of Irish Sea / Atlantic Merpeople whose genders also differentiate greatly. Whilst the males are friendly enough characters, in appearance they are generally considered to be gruesome. This opinion often seems to be held by their comparatively gorgeous females, as they have been known to fall in love with human males instead.

In all the South Slavic folklores, a dragon is called zmej or lamja. It is considered as "extremely intelligent, wise and knowledgeable" creature of "superhuman" strength and proficiency in magic, very rich and often lustful for women. It often breathes fire and is generally accepted as a highly respected being, and while not always being benevolent, never as an entirely evil creature

Gwyn ap Nudd, the protective 'Hunter Warrior' god of the Welsh, whose name means “white son of Nudd” or in some interpretations “white son of night” (or mist) is commonly known as the king of the faeries, as well as the guardian god of the Celtic underworld Annwn.

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