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Also known as: Necors, Nykers, Water Wolves, Fuath, Fifel, Afanc, Nekkers, Nikkisen, River-Men, Water Trolls, Orc-Thyrs. There seem to be several different breeds of Water Ogre, some of which are entirely habitual to water and others who are amphibious and may also trek the land in search of victims. Nicky, Nicky Nye of the River Usk in Gwent, Wales (and possibly also encountered in Somerset, England) has also been rumoured to either snatch victims from small boats or to cause strong…

Gwyn ap Nudd, the protective 'Hunter Warrior' god of the Welsh, whose name means “white son of Nudd” or in some interpretations “white son of night” (or mist) is commonly known as the king of the faeries, as well as the guardian god of the Celtic underworld Annwn.

Nuribotoke / 塗仏 (an animated corpse with blackened flesh and dangling eyeballs) from the Hyakkai-Zukan, ca. 1737 by Sawaki Suushi. They are portrayed as similar in appearance to the Buddha but with largely bloated stomachs and occasionally having a catfish's tail. #japan #myth #youkai #world #gods

Shellycoat-The odd solitary creature of Scotland,mischievous rather than malicious.If a human verbally reprimands him,he will go away & sulk.A favorite prank is when a person passes,the well hidden,Shellycoat will shout“Lost" & the human will follow the voice to help.Though the cries get further away from the path,they'll follow.At some point,they will grasp that the voice is calling from the starting point & realize that they've been tricked.6-10

In all the South Slavic folklores, a dragon is called zmej or lamja. It is considered as "extremely intelligent, wise and knowledgeable" creature of "superhuman" strength and proficiency in magic, very rich and often lustful for women. It often breathes fire and is generally accepted as a highly respected being, and while not always being benevolent, never as an entirely evil creature

mermaid (Souichi Bandou)

In Cornwall, they believe that Faerie Glamour is finite and that each time a Fay shapeshifts, part of their life force (Prana) diminishes. So, the oldest Faeries will in their final phases appear as ant-like creatures (Muryans).

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Drekavac- Slavic myth: a creature with a disproportionate head with the body of a fox and legs of a kangaroo. Sometimes with bird features. It was said to be the souls of unbaptized children. Their presence predicted cattle disease. They also had a horrifying yell.