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Mishipeshu color sketch by *viergacht (Native American)

Wishpooshi- Native American myth: a monster beaver that lived in the beautiful lake Cle-el-lum which was full of fish. It ate trees and men with equal ease

はかあらひ(墓洗い):”Haka-arai” - a monster that washes and cleans tomb stones

A Underwater panther, called Mishipeshu orMishibijiw in Ojibwe, is one of the most important of several water beings among many Great Lakes and Northeastern Woodlands Native American tribes, particularly among the Anishinaabe peoples. Mishipeshu translates into "The Great Lynx." It has the head and paws of a giant cat but is covered in scales and has dagger-like spikes running along its back and tail. Mishipeshu calls Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior his home and is a powerful creature…

A Japanese Tengu ("heavenly dog"). Buddhism long held that the tengu were disruptive demons and harbingers of war. Their image gradually softened, however, into one of protective, if still dangerous, spirits of the mountains and forests. Tengu are associated with the ascetic practice known as Shugendō, and they are usually depicted in the distinctive garb of its followers, the yamabushi. - wiki

Leocrocuta- medieval cryptid: the result of a hyena and a lioness. It had a head similar to a badger. It could vocalize like a hyena and mimic human speech. It had a large mouth and cloven hooves.

Wooden Sculpture by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya at "Private Myth" at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY

Bray Road Beast: The legends of the Wisconsin Werewolves go back as far as the original history of the werewolf. The area that became Wisconsin was home to the original tribe that can claim that former tribe members were the first to have the ability to transform into wolves. While this is a relatively little-known legend, the modern werewolf sightings in Wisconsin are a bit better known.  Wisconsin Werewolf Sighting Year: 1936 Location: Jefferson County, Wisconsin Mark Schackelman was…