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Mishipeshu color sketch by *viergacht (Native American)

Wishpooshi- Native American myth: a monster beaver that lived in the beautiful lake Cle-el-lum which was full of fish. It ate trees and men with equal ease

Seadragon - G.River

Navajo Weave - A Native American Goddess

Native American Goddesses | Navajo Weave A Native American Goddess by HollySierraArt on Etsy

はかあらひ(墓洗い):”Haka-arai” - a monster that washes and cleans tomb stones

Drekavac: A Slavic creature that screams in the night and has been said to wander the Zlatibor Mountains and mutilate sheep. Sightings have been recorded as recent as 2003. Illustration: Spektralni Drekavak from

Wooden Sculpture by Yoshimasa Tsuchiya at "Private Myth" at MEGUMI OGITA GALLERY

Mishipeshu - a creature of Native American mythology resembling felines…

Big album full of knights - Album on Imgur

Columbia river sand squink- North American legend: a fearsome critter that had the body of a coyote, pattern of a bobcat, tail of a squirrel, and ears of a jack rabbit. It was nocturnal; coming down to the river to eat electric eels. It could generate electricity by having its tail and ears touch. It could lay eggs.