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“The Mother of Ten Thousands Things’s theme is luck. Her symbol is any lucky token. This Goddess represents the unknowable and uncontrollable things we face daily. In Indo-Chinese tradition, she is part of the Universe’s ebb and flow, ever changing and ever the same. Turn to her when you feel as if ten thousand things in your life were up in the air.


Spiral Goddess

This is the only thing I need to see to know I am doing what I was meant to...I am built just like the mother goddess!

ピンもと:Journeying to the Goddess

Goddess Tula

Tula’s themes are balance, justice and peace. Her symbols are scales and balanced items. This Hindu Goddess is represented by the constellation Libra, Her name even meaning ‘balance’. In all things, Tula teaches us how to harmonize the diverse nature of our hectic lives and reintegrate Goddess-centred ideology within that framework.

Iwata Sentarou 岩田専太郎 (1901-1974) Age of the new bride’s mirror, for Shufu no Tomo 主婦の友, from Gekkan Bijutsu - 1939

Gamelia’s themes are luck, health, prosperity and new beginnings. Her symbols are two-sided items (representing the Old and New like coins and hourglasses). Gamelia is a lucky aspect of the Greek Goddess Hera, who brings fortune (especially in love). On this day of new beginnings, Gamelia extends a helping hand by teaching about the cycles in your life and how to cope with them more effectively, adding a little luck to make things easier.

National Living Treasure of Japan, Jomon no Megami (a goddess figure from the Jomon era, known as the Nishinomae ceramic figure) , 14000 BC 国宝・縄文の女神

“Bai Mundan’s themes are love, devotion, romance, femininity and promises. Her symbols are any items associated with love and romance; and the peony. This Goddess is beautiful and sensual, but also filled with only the most honorable intentions. It is Her sacred task to tempt the ascetics in the keeping of their vows (turning the tables somehow on the theme of this holiday). Her name means ‘white peony’, a flower that in Chinese tradition affords this Goddess’s protection.


Saraswati Goddess of Music and Art Psychedelic 11x14 Print

"Saraswati the divine Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. Originally worshiped as the personification of the River Saraswati in northern India, she represented, of course fertility, abundance, and the life-giving flow of water, hence her name, which means "She who flows." Art and quote from Emily Balivet